The following Tao Te Ching translations are listed by translator's last name.


Chuang Tzu -The Inner Chapters - Translated by Lin Yutang

Ching-ching miao-ching - see Classic of Purity below

The Stone Tablet in the Temple of Lao Tzu

The History of Great Light, by Huai-Nan-Tzu

I Ching -- Book of Changes

The Wisdom of Lieh Tzu

The Poetry of Li Po

The Taoist Farmer

Faith In Mind

The Nei Yeh

The Su Shu

Translations from James Legge, published in 1891:

The Complete Chuang Tzu (614K)

Khing Kang King, or Classic of Purity

Yin Fu King, or Classic of the Harmony of the Seen and the Unseen

Yu Shu King, or Classic of the Pivot of Jade

Zah Yung King, or Classic of the Directory for a Day

The Thai-Shang Tractate of Actions and their Retributions

Moral tales illustrating the Thai-Shang Tractate
Translated in 1906 by Teitaro Suzuki and Dr. Paul Carus

A Ruffian's Reform
A Visit to Hell
Good Spirits in Attendance
Misuse of Books
Philanthropy Rewarded
Punishment Apportioned to Crime
Rays of Truth
The Ants
The Cruel Hunters
The Impious Magistrate
The Incensed Goddess
The Northern Constellation
The Pius Scholar's Good Fortune
The Power of a Good Man's Name
The Spirit of the Hearth
The Storm Dragon

The Mawangdui or "Horse King Hill" texts
Translated and edited by Bram Den Hond

Discovered in 1973 in the Hunan province grave of the Marquis of Dai, these texts were found inscribed on a piece of silk that also contained the earliest known version (at the time) of the Tao Te Ching. Attributed to the Yellow Emperor, these scriptures are somewhat incomplete due to unreadable characters.

Tao and Law

Calling Names

The Source of Tao

Name and Pattern

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